Rare Livestock Breeds in the Alps

Schwarzhalsziegen_Hape Bolliger_pixelio.de.jpgThe industrialisation of agriculture has seriously afflicted the life of the farm animals in the Alpine region. The strong animals, optimal adapted to the often rough climate and difficult erosion threatened terrains, were considered uneconomical, although they were optimal adapted to their respective valleys, withstanding the high sun exposure and exploited the rare fodder particularly well in the short alpine vegetation. However they got into oblivion in many places, replaced by modern high performance breeds, which made the standardisation of lots of products possible. Some of them have survived in small niches. Those, who work for the conservation of rare autochthonous livestock animals or raise them actively, not only maintain an intangible cultural heritage of mankind. They contribute to the safeguarding of important genetic resources – and agricultural products of top quality.